Help us to support more graduates

The demand for our funding from women postgraduates is high and we are never able to support all the deserving applications that we receive. The amount of money we have available is the only limit to the number of grant we can offer. Our overheads are low, so money donated goes directly to women in financial need.

Give Something Back

If you interested in supporting women’s education or you are a past recipient of one of our awards, please consider donating to the fund to help other women. Maybe you are at a point in your career where you are able to help women fulfil their ambitions. If so, please consider donating to FfWG. If you have time but not money do get in touch and we can discuss other forms of support you may be able to give.

Corporate Partnership

A corporate partnership with FfWG could bring real benefits to your business through appropriate publicity and positive contacts with some of the most talented women at British universities. It would also help us to maintain or expand the level of our annual grant budget. Working with, or donating to, FfWG you will have a positive and long lasting impact on women’s lives; the lives of women who have the potential to be leaders in their chosen field and beyond, if only they can complete their education.


Make a pledge to support us when making or updating your will. Leaving a legacy will help ensure that we can support women for decades to come. We have named some our awards after previous legacies and women are proud to be able to put on their CV that they have received a named award. Current named awards include the Elizabeth Slater Award and Lady Joan Reid Award.

Ways you could help

Making a donation

All donations, small or large, are greatly appreciated. Perhaps you would like to give back what you received when you were studying to in turn help someone else?

Leave a legacy

A legacy can be a tribute to yourself or a loved one. We would be happy to discuss any legacy donation you might light to make.

Make us charity of the year

A charity of the year partnership with FfWG is a great way to engage your staff with a worthwhile cause.

Have another idea?

We’re always open to new ideas. ​If you have any special approach linked to your business please speak to us.

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“The grant was critical in financially supporting me whilst I wrote up my PhD thesis and produced a thesis of high quality. The grant also gave me the opportunity to write a manuscript for publication alongside writing the thesis, respond to peer-reviewer comments and ensure the manuscript was accepted for publication.”

Dr Alessandra Giusti
Kings College London 2022

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