International Fellowship

An International Fellowship is awarded every three years for £6,000. The FfWG Fellowship award is administered by Graduate Women International (GWI) NOT FfWG and we cannot answer queries about these awards. GWI is based in Geneva and further information about this Fellowship is given on the GWI website The last Fellowship was given this year and the next is due to be awarded in 2025. The award is aimed at post first year PhD students studying at a British university but from any country. The topic is not stipulated but is usually deemed of merit if it falls within the aims and objectives of GWI and the British Federation of University Women. This included Empowering women and girls through lifelong education and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. GWI has consultative status with the UN through UNESCO. The applications are submitted online and the successful candidate is notified in the summer of the year specified. A list of previous winners is available on the GWI website.

Key facts

  • One award of £6,000 awarded every three years.
  • Aimed at post first year PhD students studying at a British university.
  • Next due to be awarded in 2025.

Open for applications from:
1 October 2025

Closing date for applications:
15 December 2025


Applications currently closed. Please come back after 1 October 2025 to apply.

“The grant was critical in financially supporting me whilst I wrote up my PhD thesis and produced a thesis of high quality. The grant also gave me the opportunity to write a manuscript for publication alongside writing the thesis, respond to peer-reviewer comments and ensure the manuscript was accepted for publication.”

Dr Alessandra Giusti
Kings College London 2022

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