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Application Process


Applications are made online and applicants will be asked to provide information about the following:

  • University course with start and end dates
  • Number of children (if relevant)
  • Degrees and Qualifications
  • Employment Record
  • Reason for applying for a grant
  • How you financed the previous year 
  • Other funding sources applied to
  • Income and Expenditure
  • Contact details for two academic referees.
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Applications are assessed by a grant committee which comprises women from a range of backgrounds and subject areas, including representatives from the BfWG. The committee will consider the reason for the funding shortfall, the financial need and the referees report. There are always more applications than can be funded in any one year and the decision as to who should get funding is not an easy one as the majority of applicants have a genuine need for funding.

2021 main grant applications by research field

2021 main grants awarded by research field

2021 main grant applications by nationality

2021 main grants awarded by nationality

“I am proud to be supported by Funds for Women Graduates for my research, which includes the soon to be published first extended study of the processes of writing with work-related upper limb disorder, as both this condition and my rare developmental disability to which it is secondary, are particularly prevalent, under supported and underdiagnosed in women. This work would not have been possible without Funds for Women Graduates’ support.”

Natalie Joelle

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