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How We Are Funded


FfWG is financed by a combination of income and capital growth from its investment portfolio (approximate value £8.7 million – April 2021). 

Other than short- and medium-term cash requirements, FFWG’s investment portfolio is invested to generate a combination of income and capital growth, while mitigating exposure to serious risk beyond general market movements.  The requirements of current company, trustee and charity legislation and regulation are observed. The portfolio is managed by external fund managers who specialise in the investment of charity portfolios.

It is the intention of FfWG that its investment portfolio should also aim for alignment with its charitable aims, specifically advancing the causes of female education and female empowerment. In addition to investment performance the governors of FfWG require the manager to adopt a clear policy for ‘ESG’ (Environment, Social and Governance) investing to ensure that the charity’s funds are invested within these agreed investment parameters. Additionally, we ask our investment managers to subscribe to the principles of responsible investing (PRI).

The fund managers are accountable to the Board of Governors. They provide reports to each Board meeting and attend Board meetings biannually. Governors consider a reselection process every five years to ensure best value to the charity. Among the factors that are considered in selecting and evaluating the charity’s investment managers are their own organisation’s demonstrated commitment to diversity, including gender and racial diversity, across all business functions and to enacting processes to ensure fair chances of advancement within the organisation.

Legacies and donations

FfWG receives a small number of legacies and regular donations from supporters and has named the grants awarded to the highest scoring applicants in their honour.  Each year the top two grantees receive either the Elizabeth Slater or the Lady Joan Reid award.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy or making a donation, please visit our Support Us page for more information.

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