Funding the Future for Women

Grants, bursaries and fellowships available for women graduates studying in Great Britain

Funds for Women Graduates (FfWG) is an educational charity whose objective is promoting the higher education and wider learning of women graduates. We do this by awarding grants to assist with the living expenses of women postgraduate students, typically in the final year of work towards a PhD or equivalent degree.

“The grant significantly eased my financial hardship while I was conducting my research, as I had no income at all and would otherwise have struggled to pay my bills, tuition fees and visa costs. Due to the pandemic, the soaring cost of living and significant delays in my research, I would have needed one or more part-time jobs to afford rent and food, which would have distracted me from my PhD work. As an international student with no family or friends to rely on, I really can’t thank the FfWG enough for helping me get through this crisis.”

Ahlem Faraoun
University of Sussex 2023

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A corporate partnership with Funds for Women Graduates (FfWG) could bring real benefits to your business through appropriate publicity and positive contacts with some of the most talented women at British universities. It would also help us to maintain or expand the level of our annual grant budget.

We are a subsidiary of the British Federation of Women Graduates (BFWG)

The Charity is a subsidiary of the British Federation of Women Graduates (BFWG) with which its history is richly entwined. BFWG itself also promotes research by women graduates in the final year of a PhD, or completing postdoctoral research, by the provision of BFWG Scholarships (Academic Awards).

We've awarded over
£4.5 million

We've supported over
2,400 women

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