You could consider:    

​Making us your charity of the year: A charity of the year partnership with FfWG is a great way to engage your staff with a worthwhile cause.

Giving a gift in kind: Support FfWG in a way specific to your business, whether you are able to offer products, services or expertise.

Mentoring: Your staff could offer mentoring to  our grant holders during their postgraduate studies and continue supporting them as they enter their chosen careers.

​If you have any special approach linked to your business that you would like to test please contact us
FfWG is an educational charity whose objective is promoting the higher education and wider learning of women graduates. It does this by awarding grants to assist with the living expenses of women postgraduate students, typically in the final year of work towards a PhD or equivalent degree in the United Kingdom.

A corporate partnership with FfWG could bring real benefits to your business through appropriate publicity and positive contacts with some of the most talented women at British universities. It would also help us to maintain or expand the level of our annual grant budget.

We will happily work with you to design a tailor-made partnership, whatever your sphere of activity.