FfWG is the registered trading name of the BFWG Charitable Foundation, which is an educational charity whose objects seek to promote the advancement of education and the promotion of higher education and wider learning of women graduates.  

FfWG achieves its objectives by awarding grants to help women graduates with their living expenses while registered for study or research at an approved institution of higher education in Great Britain.The first grant was awarded in 1993 and since that year the Charity has awarded over £3 million to several thousand women students. The following gives details of some of the beneficiaries, all have given their written permission to be listed on the Charity’s website. 

Grants Awarded in 2018

Maram Mohammed Awadh Al-matari, School of Engineering, University of Liverpool
Mya Alexander-Owen, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews
Valeh Amooi, Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck University of London
Cynthia Angba, School of Agriculture, food and environment, Royal Agricultural University
Danai Avgeri, Geography Department, Queen Mary University of London
Aisha Bismillah, Department of Chemistry, Durham University
Naomi Carlebach, Department of Experimental Psychology, The University of Oxford
Jane Chang, Department of Psychological Medicine, King’s College , University of London
Aleksandra Cieslar, Defence Studies Department, King’s College , University of London
Mercedes Crisostomo , Institute of the Americas (Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences), UCL, University of London
Claire Cullen, Blavatnik School of Government, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford
Julie Dayot, Department of International Development ,Wolfson College, University of Oxford
Charis Eve Dishman, Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s College , University of London
Roxanne Douglas, Department of English & Comparative Literature, The University of Warwick
Andrea Garcia Gonzalez Humanities Department, University of Brighton
Lia Gilmour, School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol
Clare Hammerton, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex
Claudia Hartman, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, St Cross College, University of Oxford
Michaela Hubmann, Centre of African Studies, The University of Edinburgh
Jennifer Ariel Izaakson CRMEP (Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy), Kingston University
Hanna Joelsson, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford
Fatma Johns, Department of Fine Art, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University
Anum Tanveer Kiyani, Department of Computer Science, Middlesex University
Kiri Sarah Kolt History and Welsh History Department, Aberystwyth University
Viet Hang Le, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen
Ting Li Liu, Department of Sociology, The University of Warwick
Clara-Larissa Lorenz, Welsh School of Architecture and School of Engineering
School of Engineering, Cardiff University
Ma. Renee Lorica, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich
Helen Lowry, Faculty of Education, Health and Community, Liverpool John Moores University
Aparna Mahiyaria, Drama Department, University of Exeter
Danai Markousi Kafka, School of Psychology, University of Liverpool
Ishita Marwah, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College , University of London
Ansu Mathew, Rowett Institute, Department of Metabolic Health, University of Aberdeen
Kate Elizabeth McNutt, Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology; School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent
Alexandra Mitchell, School of Psychology & Neuroscience, University of St. Andrews
Alexis Moyer, Geography Department, The University of Edinburgh
Tanja Mueller Department of Experimental Psychology, New College, University of Oxford
Ngoc Nguyen, School of Life and Health Sciences, Aston University
Luisa Nienhaus, Institute of Archaeology ,UCL, University of London
Maria Nolan, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of London
Nafisatu Okhade, Global Development Institute, The University of Manchester
Morgan Ostertag, Department of Health Service and Population Research, University of London
Bela Maguie Pereira Sanches, Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences (SIPBS), University of Strathclyde
Marta Pienkowska-Cote, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford
Nabila Rufa’i, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Leeds
Hannah Sam, Economics Department, University of Sussex
Zaina Shihabi, Department of Arts and Humanities, Liverpool Hope University
Jung Ju Shin, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, The University of Warwick
Bethany Skinner, School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Birmingham
Catherine Sloan, History Department , Queen’s College, University of Oxford
Mary Stark, Department of Art & Design, Manchester School of Art Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University
Sarah Stiffel, Department of Zoology, Kellogg College, University of Oxford
Magdalena Maria Szarota, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University and the Polish Academy of Sciences
Melissa Tricoire, School of English, Department of English and Drama, Queen Mary, University of London
Sharon Walker, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
Lara Joanne Weaver, Psychology Department, The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust
Twyla Doone Rymer Williamson War Studies Department, King’s College , University of London

Grants Awarded in 2017

Shovita Adhikari, Department of Sociology, University of Essex
Lida Amiri, Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Liverpool
Rashidat Kemi Animasawun, Pharmacy Department, University of Nottingham
Sara Bamdad, Sociology Department, University of Warwick
Hannah Jane Barton, Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies, University of London
Diana M Benjumea, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Nottingham
Sabah Boufkhed, Department of Health Services Research and Policy, LSHTM, University of London
Enas Mohamed Ali Bubtana, Department of Archaeology, Durham University
Maria Ewa Burczynska, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham
Debadrita Chakraborty, School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University
Nancy Elsie Chawawa, Institute of Geography and the Lived Environment, University of Edinburgh
Nard Choi, Faculty of Education , Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge
Aleksandra Cieslar, School of Security Studies, Department of Defence Studies, University of London
Malgorzata Dawidek Gryglicka, Slade School of Fine Art, University of London
Hannah Mafo Degge, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Hull
Christina Pierrette Abilali Diedhiou, Department of Computing, University of Portsmouth
Enass Duro, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield
Rania Edris, Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery, University of Dundee
Maysa Falah, Department of Pharmacology , University of Oxford
Ulrika Cecilia Frising, The Babraham Institute, University of Cambridge
Zoe Belinda Gallant, Psychology Department, University of Sheffield
Farahani Hashim, Centre for Aeronautics, Cranfield University
Susan Ann Healy, School of Fine and Performing Arts, University of Lincoln
Natasha Lana Hirst, School of Life Sciences, Kingston University
Zainab Hussaini, Centre for Science Communication, University of Chester
Eseoghene Ifie, Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, University of Exeter Medical School
Demet Intepe, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick
Allison Jones, German Department, Churchill College University of Cambridge
Taty Anna Kamarudin, Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University
Ting Yan Rachel Kan, Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex
Lilian Kennedy, Department of Anthropology, University of Edinburgh
Agatha Hilde Berthe Kratz, Lau China Institute, King’s College , University of London
Claudia Yvonne Linan Segura, Faculty of International Development, University of East Anglia
Lucia Linares, History Department, Darwin College, University of Cambridge
Antonella Mazzone, Department of International Development, King’s College , University of London
Natalie McNulty, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University
Paige Patrice Mustain, Oxford Internet Institute, Wolfson College, University of Oxford
Haneen Naamneh, Department of Sociology , L S E, University of London
Wirda Nisar, Department of Biostatistics, University of Liverpool
Emma Kay Richardson, MRC Cancer Unit, Homerton College, University of Cambridge
Maria Theresa Anna Robles, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick
Zahra Safaryazdi, Department of Psychology, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Ayan Salaad, English Department, University of Southampton
Idayat Salako, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield
Lois Claire Salem, Department of Earth Sciences, Clare College, University of Cambridge
Isabelle Camille Samper, Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College, University of London
Rosalind Clare Setterfield, School of Law, University of Surrey
Helen Mary Spencer, School of Psychology, Newcastle University
Meredith Whitten, Department of Geography and the Environment, London School of Economics
Bailu Xie, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Bath
Inna Zlatimirova Yaneva-Toraman, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh
Shagufta Yasmin, Department of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex

Grants Awarded in 2016.

Ola Abualghaib, Medical School, University of East Anglia
Diana Ahmad Busra, Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester
Khetam Al Sharou, Centre for Translation Studies, UCL, University of London
Skaiste Aleksandraviciute, Faculty of Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics, University of Oxford
Alaa Alfakara, Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, UCL,
Tina Andersson, Geography Department, University of Cambridge
Iresha Udayangani Atthanayake, School of Engineering, The University of Warwick
Jennifer Brosnan, Department of History, University of Leicester
Debadrita Chakraborty, School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University
Muireann Crowley, Department of English Literature, The University of Edinburgh
Sophie Daniels, Centre for Forensic and Family Psychology, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham
Annabelle Louise De Heus, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham
Ana Dias, Department of History, Durham University
Blerta Dino, Space Syntax Laboratory, UCL, University of London
Brittany Fallon, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of St Andrews
Carolina Fernandez Quintanilla, Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University
Prasujya Gogoi, University of Nottingham, School of Geography
Nikita Hari, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cambridge
Mahado Ismail, Chemistry Department, University of Surrey
Roya Jalali, Department of Psychology, University of Birmingham
Kelly Johnson, Department of Anthropology, University of Birmingham
Indrani Karmakar, English and Related Literature Department, The University of York
Ciara Kelly, Psychology Department, The University of Sheffield
Pui Yiu Lam, Chemistry Department, The University of Warwick
Angela Massafra, Archaeology Department, University of Glasgow
Vanessa McIntosh, School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics, University
Giulia Mininni, Department of Politics, Keele University
Dilveen Mohammed, School of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering,
Marija Pantelic, Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford
Karishma Patel, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge
Hao Phuong Phan, School of International Development, University of East Anglia
Barbara Piotrowska, School of Life, Sport and Social Sciences; Psychology Subject Group, Edinburgh Napier University
Charlotte Royle, Department of English, University of Bristol
Sorana Santos, Department of Music, Royal Holloway, University of London
Angela Sapherson, Social Work Department, Anglia Ruskin University
Corinna Schäfer, Department of Media Film and Music, University of Sussex
Isabel Story, Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies& Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies, University of Nottingham
Laura Sumner, Department of History, University of Nottingham
Magdalena Szarota, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University and the Polish Academy of Sciences
Alessia Taccogna, School of Health, Sport & Bioscience, University of East London
Thalia - Elisavet Theodoraki, Department of Psychology, The University of Edinburgh
Sophie Charlotte van de Goor, Aberystwyth University & University of Huddersfield, Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies (Aberystwyth) - Journalism and Media (Huddersfield)
Aya Van Renterghem, University of Nottingham Centre for the Study of the Viking Age, School of English
Stephanie Wallis, School of Clinical Sciences, University of Bristol
Anna Maria Wambach, School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, Newcastle University
Joyce Wambura, Department of Languages and Linguistics, York St John University
Emma Ward, School of Critical Studies, University of Glasgow
Barbara Wesolowska, Technical Theatre Arts – Theatre Design, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Felicity Wilcox, Anthropology Department, Goldsmiths, University of London
Jennifer Wilkes, Department of English and Related Literature, University of York
Anouska Zummo, Italian Department, Durham University


Grants Awarded in 2015.

Ana Aiello, University of Leeds, School of Law
Fahmida Akhter, University of Essex, Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies
Joanne Alexander, University of Northampton, Department of Psychology
Silvia Amicone, University of London, UCL, Institute of Archaeology
Ruth Atherton, University of Birmingham, History Department
Arshiya Banu, University of London, King’s College, Department of Microbiology
Justine Bendel, The University of Edinburgh, School of Law
Maria Campbell, Plymouth University, Department of Marine Science & Engineering
Anna Chrysostomides, University of Oxford, Faculty of Theology and Religion
Sara Maria Correia, University of London, LSE, Department of Government
Bridget Coulter, University of Sheffield, Department of Music
Amy Crossley-Lewis, Roehampton University, Psychology Department
Joanna Cuttell, University of Warwick, Department of Sociology
Eman Ghallab, University of Nottingham, School of Health Sciences
Catherine Grasham, University of East Anglia, School of International Development
Devyani Gupta, University of Cambridge, Faculty of History
Natalie Harries, University of Aberdeen, School of Language and Literature
Asha Hayeshi, The University of Hull, Department of Health and Social Care
Nazia Hussein, University of Warwick, Department of Sociology
Gabriela Ingle, The University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and Archaeology
Etana Jaiyeola, University of Surrey, Department of Nutrition
Daliany Kersh, University of Roehampton, Department of Humanities
Katarzyna Kosior, University of Southampton, History Department
Marta Lang, University of Cambridge , Geography Department
Jayanthi Lingham, University of London, SOAS, Department of Development Studies
Catherine Long, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Department of Fine Art
Georgina Lucas, University of Birmingham , The Shakespeare Institute
Polina Manolova, University of Birmingham, Department of Political Science and International Relations
Alyson Moyes, University of Chester, Biological Science Department
Zoe Muller, University of Bristol, Department of Biological Sciences
Ananilea Nkya, University of Bradford, Department of Social Science and International Studies
Chidiebere Nwolise, University of Surrey, School of Health Sciences
Adeola Obadina, Loughborough University, Water Engineering Development Centre
Folake Oluwaremi, Nottingham Trent University, Business School
Tharindi Panduwawala, University of Oxford, Department of Chemistry
Maria Pomoni, University of Birmingham, School of Psychology
Rabia, University of Nottingham, Engineering Department
Bethany Roberts, University of St Andrews, Department of Biology
Gul Salali, University of London, UCL, Department of Anthropology
Anca Serban, University of Cambridge, Geography Department
Sabaria Shah, University of Nottingham, Department of Oncology
Monica Skaten, The University of Edinburgh, Centre of African Studies
Nuatip Sumkaew, Newcastle University Business School, Department of Accounting and Finance
Sonia Tariq, University of East Anglia, Chemistry Department
Sarina Theys, Newcastle University, Department of Politics
Ashleigh Tinlin, Newcastle University , Department of Marine Science and Technology
Nihan Toprakkiran, University of York, Department of Politics
Ulriika Vihervalli, Cardiff University, School of History, Archaeology and Religion
Naomi Vogt, University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Art
Sanja Vucetic, University of London, UCL, Institute of Archaeology

Grants Awarded in 2014.

Rana Abu-Mounes, University of Aberdeen, History Department

Najah Ahmad, University of Oxford, Oriental Institute

Skaiste Aleksandraviciute, University of Oxford, Centre of Linguistics and Philology

Wendy Asquith, University of Liverpool, History Department

Prachi Balyan, University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry

Hayleigh Bosher, Bournemouth University, CIPPM, Business School

Kelly Bracewell, University of Central Lancashire, Social Work Department

Wei-Ying Chou, University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering

Erin Connelly, University of Nottingham, English Department

Helen Cooke, University Campus Suffolk, School of Business and Leadership

Valerie D’Astous, University of London, King’s College, Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine

Jennifer Susan Daniel, University of Leeds, Department of Performance & Cultural Industries and School of Music

Mona Daoud, University of East Anglia, School of International Development

Lesley Davis, Liverpool John Moore’s University, Department of Education

Emily Derbyshire, University of Bristol, English Department

Brittany Fallon, University of St Andrews, School of Psychology

Annette Fayet, University of Oxford, Zoology Department

Lubna Ferdowsi, University of Hull, Centre for Gender Studies

Mariana Flores Torres, Imperial College, University of London, Department of Surgery and Cancer

Judyta Frodyma, University of Oxford, English Department

Sarah Grant, University of Oxford, Department of History of Art

Harriet Gray, University of London, LSE, Gender Institute

Nankie Houghton, Leeds Metropolitan University, Faculty of Health & Social Sciences

Katherine Hubbard, University of Surrey, School of Psychology

Nwamaka Igwilo, Middlesex University, Business School

Kyoko Iwaki, University of London, Goldsmiths College, Theatre and Performance Department

Melissa Jansen van Rensburg, University of Oxford, Zoology Department

Shahwar Jiwani, University of Nottingham, School of Health Sciences

Neha Kagal, University of London, SOAS, Department of Development Studies

Indrani Karmakar, University of York, Department of English and Related Literature

Anna Kennedy, University of Edinburgh, Psychology Department

Heghine Koshtoyan, University of Oxford, Department of Education

Kait Laughlin, University of the West of Scotland, School of Social Sciences

Sarah Lebel, University of Leeds, Department of Earth and Environment

Sarah Jayne Lee, Cardiff University, School of Earth and Ocean Science

Rhiannon Llewellyn, Royal Academy of Music, Opera Department

Jenna Marshall, Queen Mary, University of London, School of Politics and International Relations

Xandra Miguel Lorenzo, University of London, LSE, Department of Anthropology

Elizabeth Munro, University of London, SOAS, Department of Study of Religions

Lily Oguh, University of Hull, Hull York Medical School

Oluwabamise Olanrewaju, Cardiff University, Department of Electrical Engineering

Nicole Pearcy, Nottingham Trent University, Department of Physics and Mathematics

Agnieszka Piotrowska, Edinburgh Napier University, School of Life, Sport & Social Sciences

Diana Costa, University of London, SOAS, Department of Development Studies

Durgagauri Sabnis, University of Nottingham, Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre, School of Medicine

Saumya Saxena, University of Cambridge, Faculty of History

Asenath Silong, University of Reading, Department of Agriculture and Food Economics, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development

Juliet Tenshak, University of Stirling, Division of Literature and Languages

Karen Turner, University of Hull, English Department

Kimberley Wall, University of Bristol, Department of Social Services & Law

Bethan White, The Royal Academy of Music, Historical Performance Department

Nicole Wyatt, University of Liverpool, School of Psychology

Nansata Yakubu, University of East Anglia, Department School of Political, Social and International Studies

Uruj Zehra, University of Bristol, Centre for Comparative & Clinical Anatomy

Grants Awarded in 2013

Nada Ali, University of East Anglia, School of Law

Zahra Amlani, University of Cambridge, Education Faculty

Agnes Atim, University of Reading, Geography & Environmental Science Department

Heather Campbell, University of Reading, Department of Biological Sciences

Marina Chang, University College London, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Candida Darling, Liverpool Hope University, Psychology Department

Sejuti Das Gupta, University of London - SOAS, Department of Development Studies

Louise Garrett, University of the Arts London, Research Department

Sarah Gorman, Bangor University, School of English

Samantha Griffin, Keele University, Department of Professional Ethics (Law)

Sara Hajnassiri, University of Cambridge, Engineering Department

Holly James Maddocks, The University of York, Centre for Medieval Studies

Chrysovalentini Konstantinou, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education

Elizabeth Koprowski, University of Strathclyde, History Department

Emily Lamb, Cardiff University, Institute of Medical Genetics, School of Medicine

Chandrika Maliyagoda, University of Cambridge, Department of Applied and Theoretical Linguistics

Hannah Mitchell, University of St Andrews, School of Classics

Judith Montford, Heriot-Watt University, Institute for Housing, Urban and Real Estate Research

Claudine Moore, Department of Education Law and Social Sciences

Leona Muoka, Birmingham City University, Department of Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals & Environmental Science

Eva Nouzova, University of Aberdeen, Department of Psychology

Bridget Rees Smith, University of South Wales, Faculty of Life Sciences and Education

Jessica Roberts, The University of York, Environment Department

Andrea Scheibler, University of Oxford, History Department

Yun Ysi Siew, University of Cambridge, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

Donna Halliday, Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies and Psychology Department

Juliet Nattabi, Liverpool Hope University, Institute of Aquaculture, School of Natural Sciences

Aleata Alstad Calkins, Roehampton University, Department of Counseling Psychology

Lisandra Costiner, University of Oxford, Department of History of Art and Visual Culture

Janthanee Dumrongsak, Cranfield University, Power and Propulsion Department

Fiona Hamilton, University of Edinburgh, Department of Hispanic Studies

Bente Hansen, The University of Hull, Department of Clinical Psychology

Sara Imanian, University of Central Lancashire, Social Work School

Aimee Joyce, Goldsmiths College, University of London, Department of Anthropology

Baharan Karamzadeh, University of St Andrews, Chemistry Department

Julie Lawrence, University of Cambridge, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

Sabina Lawreniuk, King's College London, Geography Department

Cathleen McKague, University of Birmingham, The Shakespeare Institute

Sarah Mengler, University of Cambridge, Department of History of Art

Flora Michelaki, University College London, Institute of Archaeology

Khondker Nasreen, The University of Hull, Marketing Department

Claire Ngechop, University of Kent, Kent Business School

Rittah Kagendo Njeru, University of Bristol, Graduate School of Education

Anna Petkovic, University of the West of England, Department of Criminology

Elin Sivertsson, University of Cambridge, Department of Chemistry

Abigail Tazzyman, The University of York, Centre for Women’s Studies

Rachel Thompson, Goldsmiths College, University of London, Department of English & Comparative Literature

Laura Vaux, University of East Anglia, Department of Medicine

Sunitha Vijayakumaran, Durham University, Department of Economics, Accounting and Finance

Adaoma Wosu, University College London, Department of Anthropology

Hwajeong Yoo, The University of York, Centre for Women’s Studies

Jane Youell, The University of Northampton, School of Health

Vicky Young, The University of Edinburgh, College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine 

Grants Awarded in 2012

Maura Dunst, English Department, University of Hull

Fiona Elvines, Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, London Metropolitan University

Edwige Fortier, Department of Development Studies, SOAS University of London

Tami Gadir, Reid School of Music, Edinburgh College of Art

Negar Ghasdian, Department of Chemistry, University of Hull

Emma Gilbert, School of English, Leicester University

Lauren Hayes, Music Department, Edinburgh University

Daria Izdebska, English Language, Glasgow University

Charmaine Jelbert, Geography Department, Cambridge University

Sonam Kalra, Department of Biomaterials, Birmingham University

Jennifer Key, School of English, St Andrews University

Hyun Kim, Judge Business School, Cambridge University

Elizabeth Mills, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex

Tsimba Nsangu, Department of Physics, University of York

Amy Prendergast, Department of Archaeology, Cambridge University

Stefanie Rauch, School of Historical Studies, Leicester University

Bethan Roberts, School of English, University of Liverpool

Julia Smith, Department of Social Sciences and International Studies, Bradford University

Marisol Warthon Medina, SSTO, University of Central Lancashire

Cheuk Ki Sybil Wong Cheuk, School of Biomedical Sciences, Nottingham University

Sally Atkinson, Department of Anthropology, Durham University

Qianxin Wu, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College University of London

Yue Xing, School of Psychology, Nottingham University

Andrea Morley, Photography Department, Westminster University

Beem Beeka, Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University

Marta Brkovic, School of Architecture, Sheffield University

Samira Khan, School of Politics and International Studies, Leeds University

Aurora Constantin, Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation, Edinburgh University

Yuliya Baranova, Finance Department, LSE, University of London

Tatsiana Senina, Department of Education, Oxford University

Lucy Irving, School of Health & Social Sciences, Middlesex University

Nadia Mekkaoui, Faculty of Law, Governance and International Relations, London Metropolitan University

Nicola Pulford, Wales International Academy of Voice, Trinity St. David, University of Wales

Mobina Ali, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Edinburgh University

Irene Espinosa Gonzalez-Garza, School of Biological Sciences, Bristol University

Daniella George, Department of Life and Health Sciences, Aston University

Costanza Curro’, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL, University of London

Malgorzata Brzozowska, Department of Social Work, Royal Holloway, University of London

Christina Harald, Department of Sociological Studies, Sheffield University

Mohammed, Kent Law School, University of Kent

Eliza Wolfson, Division of Infection and Immunity, Edinburgh University

Laleh Dehghan Marvast, Department of Human Metabolism, Sheffield University

Manjula Nugawela Pathirannehelage, School of Community Health Sciences, Nottingham University

Anna Berthinussen, Department of Biological Sciences, Leeds University

Ning-chih Teng, Social Science Department, City University 

Grants Awarded in 2011

Sashila Abeyratne Abeykoon Walawwe,  Department of Life Science, University of Manchester

Mariama Abukari,  Department of Centre for Social Work, University of Nottingham

Patricia Adamo,  Department of Applied Sciences, University  of West of England

Naureen Akhtar,  Department of Biology, University  of St Andrews

Lourdes Alwis,  Department of Electrical Engineering, City University 

Irene Asienga,  Department of Economics, University  of Strathclyde

Mahe Nau Munir Awan,  Department of English Language & Literature, University  of Surrey

Charlotte Baron,  Department of Conservation, City and Guilds of London Art School

Lyudmilla Bashynska,  Faculty of History, University  of Cambridge

Rachel Bentham,  Department of Creative Industries, Bath Spa University 

Elizabeth Brophy,  Department of Archaeology, University  of Oxford

Claire Browne,  Durrell Institute of Ecology and Conservation, University  of Kent

Shri Cameron,  School of Psychology, University  of St Andrews

Marina Cano López,  Department of English, University  of St. Andrews

Leda Channer,  Department of Politics and Philosophy, Manchester Metropolitan University 

Monika Chojecka,  School of Engineering, Cranfield University 

Beste Cubukcuoglu,  Centre for Environmental and Health Engineering, University  of Surrey

Faye Didymus,  School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, University  of Loughborough

Azin Fahimi,    Department of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey

Michelle Fernandes,  School of Environmental Sciences, University  of East Anglia

Giulia Greco,  Department of Global Health and Development, University  of London

Lisa Griffin,  Department of School of English, University  of St. Andrews

Sarah Hempenstall, College of Life Sciences and Medicine, Aberdeen University

Mai Hassan Ahmed,  Centre for Cell and Chromosome Biology,  Biosciences, Brunel University 

Erica Hughes,  Department of Archaeology, University  of Liverpool

Morgan Humphreys,  Ecology Department, Scottish Association for Marine Science

Bronwyn Johnston,  Department of English, University  of Oxford

Laura Jones,  Department of Music, University  of York

Clare Killikelly,  Department of Experimental Psychology, University  of Cambridge

Jana Kotorová,  Department of International Politics, University  of Aberystwyth

Sneha Krishnan,  Department of International Development, University  of Oxford

Jin Lee,  Department of Experimental Psychology, University  of Oxford

Victoria Leong,  Department of Experimental Psychology, University  of Cambridge

Eva Linzenbold,  Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture, Kingston University 

Xiaoxiao Liu,  Department of Mechanical Engineering, University  of Sheffield

Katie Lucas,  Department of Biological Sciences, University  of Bristol

Katarina Macarieova,  Department of Politics, University  of London

Karolina MacLachlan,  School of Education, University  of London

Fabiola Mieres,  Department of Politics, University  of Manchester

Jule Mulder,  School of Law, University  of Leeds

Cecilia Okusi, Department of Mental Health Sciences, University of London

Danai Papaioannou,  School of Crystallography, University  of London

Curie Park,  School of Applied Science, Cranfield University 

Joanne Persson,  School of Psychology, University  of St Andrews

Elizabeth Rahman,  Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University  of Oxford

Areli  Martha Ramirez,  Department of Social Sciences, University  of Manchester

Bianca Reisdorf,  Oxford Internet Institute, University  of Oxford

Claire Renfrew,  Department of Psychology, University  of Glasgow Caledonian

Deborah Risius,  Department of Sport and Exercise Science, University  of Portsmouth

Evgenia Rouka,  Department of Oncology, University  of Oxford

Rana Sabbouh,  Arabic Department, University  of Leeds

Aleksandra Sakowska,  English Department, University  of London

Edel Sanders,  Education, University  of Cambridge

Kriti Sharma,  School of Computer Science, University  of St Andrews

Sara Smith,  Department of Education, University  of Oxford

Victoria Sprung,  Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University 

Jessica Strozyk,  School of Psychology, University  of St Andrews

Sophie Studholme,  Department of Business Management, University  of Aberdeen

Benita Sumita,  Department of Peace Studies, University  of Bradford

Edit Talpsepp,  Department of Philosophy, University  of Bristol

Roshana Thambyrajah,  Institute of Genetics, University  of Nottingham

Hannah Trayford,  Department of Anatomy, University  of Cambridge

Panagiota Tsentourou,  Department of English and American Studies, University  of Manchester

Wendy van der Neut,  School of Law, University  of Edinburgh

Kate Watts,  Department of Primary Care Sciences, Keele University 

Sarah Williams,  Department of Allied Health Science, De Montfort University 

Johanna Woydack,  Department of Education and Professional Studies, University  of London

Ohsoon Yun,  Department of Geography, University  of Exeter

Hui Zhang,  MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University  of Edinburgh

Jiaran (Betty) Zheng,  Faculty of Education, University  of Cambridge